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Mini Vacation: Martha’s Vineyard

Between today and yesterday I can’t even help it; I have a little case of Spring Fever brewing! This always happens, the temperatures reach 55* and even a true New England girl like me, who absolutely loves winter, finds herself dreaming of Spring. Just a week ago I was the one hoping and wishing Winter Storm Jonas was going to bury us! I love the snow! I love everything that comes with winter. I love getting bundled up in a sweater, coat, hat, scarf, mittens and that cold air that slaps your face the second you walk outside. I love winter things like hot tea, wine, COLD SNAP(!), winter veggies like squash & potatoes, chicken roast dinners, hockey, football. Or how about some nice tall, warm socks, your favorite blanket and cuddling up next to a roaring fire. Okay okay, I’ll stop. But I bet I have you dreaming of Spring all over again! Is there really anything better than that first real day of spring? Last year, I was lucky enough to spend that magical day on a beach in Edgartown, soaking up the sun with my best friends for my birthday.


Getting on that ferry, trucking up to the top deck and looking out into the sea you’re about to set sail on- ah, bliss! Although this above photo was not the picturesque day we had imagined when me and my five friends drove my stuffed-to-the-ceiling Kia Soul on board. This picture above was taken the morning of a bike ride day trip about a month later. I’ll be touching upon both trips and also another day trip I had taken with my family in late August.

The past two years my friends and I have made a tradition of staying at the Kelley House in Edgartown in April for our birthdays. All of our birthdays fall in April and on in early May but really just an excuse to spend the weekend on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard! Our first day we took a drive around the island, we made it all the way out to Aquinnah to see the Gay Head Light and clay cliffs. What a sight to see! I was in my glory! If you have a car on the Vineyard and some time to spare take a trip out here! (Don’t take the bus, its an all day affair.) From this western tip of the island, if you look north west, you can see the very tip of Cuttyhunk, which is off of Falmouth. And then behind you, Nomans Land, an uninhabited island which now stands as a wildlife refuge.

Making our way around the island we made it to the East Chop Lighthouse, over in Oak Bluffs. We visited this lighthouse the year before and I stopped here again during my bike ride from Vineyard Haven to Oak Bluffs and back, along with some other photos you see above and below. Biking the island was such an exhilarating activity! We rode along the bluffs on a windy but gorgeous day in late May. After about ten miles we called it quits and rewarded ourselves with dinner at the brewery, Offshore Ale Company, before we caught the ferry home.


After some lighthouse exploring, it was time. Time for tattoos. My very first tattoo. Oh my! How my friends are convincing! But it was so much fun! We all got something different, it was a bonding experience for sure. Party time! Keeping up with tradition we made our to Oak Bluffs for some drinks and dancing at the Lamp Post! But not before we carb-ed up with dinner at The Newes from America pub, which is connected to the Kelley House. Oh and did I mention they serve afternoon warm cookies and milk? Yeah, this place is awesome, so homey! After a long night of dancing we made our way back and did some star gazing on the harbor. It was definitely a little chilly but with the clear skies, a sight to see.

Our last day on the island came too soon and it was a beautiful one for sure! I had to bring one friend to the ferry early and enjoyed a beautiful ride along Seaview Ave back into Edgartown with all my windows down and the music blasting! After some mimosas we packed the car up and had some time to kill before taking the ferry off the island. We decided to walk down to the Edgartown Lighthouse & beach.

Touching back on how much I love winter I gotta tell you, last winter was a LONG one here in New England. Record snowfall and blistering temperatures- it felt like Spring was never going to come. March, April- miserable. I think it was one of the last weekends of the month and the first time temperatures were finally forgiving. It was warm enough to take my shoes off and stick my feet in the sand & water. And what a feeling! There were three of us left at this point and we just laid there on the beach, soaking up the warmth of the sun. It was the best feeling after such long months of just cold and darkness. So relaxing.

So now you definitely have Spring Fever don’t you? I know I do! I’m already planning on some day trips out to the Vineyard! I’m happy I made it out there as much as I did last summer. It really is just such a beautiful island. Living in Plymouth it’s such an easy day trip! As I said before, my family and I spent a day just in Oak Bluffs bar hopping. We started the day with mimosas on the boat, of course! As soon as we got off the boat we ended up at the ever famous Nancy’s for some dirty bananas & mudslides. Lunch at the Chowder Company, margaritas at Sharky’s and then we obviously ended up at Lamp Post and stayed there for hours as there was some great acoustic entertainment!

Martha’s Vineyard trips always have to come to an end and I’m always left wishing they didn’t have to! Even being there for just a day, you feel like you’re on vacation! It’s the best mini vacation you can take and if you’ve never been, I strongly urge you to make the trip out there! And if you do make sure you stop by some of the places I recommended here! Hope you enjoyed! Stay warm!

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