Lauren Elizabeth Photography

Hanna Ashley

Recently, I got rear-ended and while my car was in the shop, Enterprise hooked me up with a rent-a-Jeep! For those of you who don’t know me, my dream vehicle is a Jeep, doesn’t even matter what kind! Before I could even leave the parking lot, I had to tell my best friend the marvelous news and we scheduled a 4WD photoshoot right there and then!


Can you believe I’ve only been to the Crossover twice in my life before this? And both times were almost ten years ago? So yeah, first time driving and who else to have with me on this adventure as a co-pilot than my sidekick, Hanna!DSC_1079DSC_1084DSC_1080

The fun loving, hard working, always makes you laugh, kind of best friend that any girl could ever ask for. Hanna and I became friends back in middle school, on the bus (how cliche), oh and in GIRL SCOUTS! Her and I have had COUNTLESS memories, (and I mean countless…) and not one of them have ever been dull 😉DSC_1093What a view we caught this day. It was the perfect September afternoon. You can see the Bug Light of Duxbury within a rock’s throw. DSC_1094DSC_1097

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from this kind heart, it’s to spread your arms and open yourself to the souls and experiences offered. Because you don’t know what tomorrow’s going to bring and you are always in control of the next step you take. DSC_1119DSC_1130

Hanna and I have so much to look back on, oh so many memories. We graduated high school together! A few days before graduation, Class Day, we spent the entire night at my friend, Steph’s, house. That’s when I attempted to teach Hanna the ‘Soulja Boy’ dance. Can’t say that lesson was very successful……… {see Hanna’s #tbt instagram post a few weeks ago-check it out!!)


How beautiful is my main squeeze!? (obsessed with her Irish freckles, so rare so late in the fall) This next photo is a total candid! Her and I were probably just making usual conversation during this picture and BAM, I got an amazing picture of her giggling! Take a look! One of my favorite features of Hanna:DSC_1158


As you can see from the photo above, I got up and personal with the sand; I got down and dirty (literally, had to kneel and got my khakis wet-so worth it).
DSC_1243What a photo. Hanna, my number one, is the most supportive with my photography. She has been by my side in pursuing my dreams every step of the way.


Laughing is a priority in this friendship of ours. There is never a moment where Hanna and I aren’t having a good time; we always find the best in the worst. I honestly think that’s the best thing two friends can do; find the warmth in the damp days we have. And we’ve done just that.

DSC_1234DSC_1170A question every girl has in her life: “Who’s Got My Back Now?” Kudos to anyone who caught these song lyrics, by the way. Hanna has my back. No matter what we’ve been through and what our future holds for us-she will have my back and I will have hers. Always have, always will.

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